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Time:08:41 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished


Yeah, I'm getting a new journal.  This one just bothers me now.  <3

Please refer to wednesday_ghost for all future suffering of my angst.  ^_~

See you there, darlings!


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Current Music:Beneath the Skin - Collide
Subject:Art Dump!
Time:05:25 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious

Yes, for the first time in....  a long time.  >_>;

The first two are just scribbles, doodles, really, even if I did work pretty hard on them. ^o^

Draco Malfoy, teh pink cuteness.Collapse )

Gift/Fan art for Ferio of the brilliant comic 'Breath'Collapse )

Fanart for the book trilogy 'Sevenwaters' by Juliet MarillierCollapse )

That's it for now.  More art later, probably, after I finish writing that damned research paper for AP Lit.  x_x

Um, comments and crit appreciated?  But y'all already know that.  ^_^;

**Edit: Now it's colored! The boys are technicolor!Collapse )

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Subject:Wow. *_*
Time:12:02 pm
Current Mood:hungrystomach rumbled

Well, I was back home from New York for approximately 18 hours, before shipping off to Alma, GA, to my Dad's house.  I've been here, isolated form civilization, for about 4 days.  Can you say Culture Shock?

I want to apologize to the people who's important events I missed, such as Mandy's birthday, Angelina's birthday, Nick's birthday, etc etc.  I also regret not giving more notice when I left!  Finn ditched Logan because of it, Nym didn't have enough time to avoid Abbie, Ellengrey grew weeds and became dusty, and one of my best friends moved out of her house and has already packed up for college.  =_=;;

I hate this town!  There's really nothing to do. 

New York was amazing, though.  There's so many people, so many of them weird, and so many shops and restaurants and things to do and see and eat off the ground and buy from shifty vendors.  I loved it.  (Except for the actual 'trip' part of NY.  I wanted to kill Angie half the time, but I restrained myself!  That's my gtood karma for the year.  Other than that, everything was just fine and I didn't hate it as much as some people think I did.  I really would like to go back someday.

I have oodles and oodles of art, Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Original, Sevenwaters and RPG, and most all of it slash, but I can't scan it.  ;_;  !!!  There's a scanner, but no image editing programs on this computer.  WTF?  I'll scan stuff when I get back home in Atlanta, but that will only be for a day or two before I ship off to Florida for a week before school starts again.  Hectic?  Why, yes.

It's a bummer that I haven't seen anyone this summer.  I've spent almost the entire time either traveling or hanging out with the same two people, so I apologize again to everyone else who I SWORE I'd keep in touch with this summer but, sadly, didn't.  You guys can just drop off your art requests and doodle you someting in return when I see you again mid-August.  I should be moved into our new house by then, too.

Not much of an update, hm?  Well, at least people know I'm still alive.  >_>;

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Subject:The parting. ;_;
Time:11:42 am
Current Mood:crankydumb n00bs

Well, Saturday was my last day.  My whole department had set up a mini-party for me:  there was a big cake, and enchiladas and nachos from the restaurant next door, a gift from a few people, and a card that everyone who was working that day had signed.  It was hard saying goodbye when I knew some of it was a lie, and I told them, inevitably, that I'd come back and visit, but I doubt I will.  I feel like a douche for it, but at the same time, I'm infinitely glad I left.

The whole experience gave me deja-vu.  The same thing happened when I was working at the Hospital.  They threw me a going-away party... and everyone was so nice, gave me gifts, and bade me come back and visit.  I never have gone back there.  ;_;  Aaaarrgh I'm such a shmuck.

Anyway, I'm really onyl bothered by a few things, such as not being able to say goodbye to Susie, or Julie, or Scott, or apologize to Staci, or tell Caleb I didn't mean to pick on him, because even though he's an asshat, he's cute-  I also should've hugged Jen goodbye, and Jila, and Judie, but I let 'em slip away.  Fuuuuck.

Oh well.  I've got other things to be bummed about right now, such as Steph not being able to go on the trip.  Darn that girl.  And after I drove her stinky brother to school....  lol.

Why are people so obsessed with Go Gaia?  I don't get it.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a decent writer on there anyway, and while the "dressing your avatar up" thing is a novel idea, it's also stupid as hell because they jack prices up so high I'd have to spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the forum refreshing it.  Ha, no friggin way.

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Current Music:Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack!
Time:10:46 pm
Current Mood:relievedrelieved


Breathe, Morgan, breeeeathe.

I finally did it.  I gave my two weeks' notice at Stein Mart today.  After all those times I chickened out, I finally did it.  This is really, honestly, a big fucking deal for me.  I'm still amazed at my own guts, really.  I think I'll sit here and stare at my stomach.  (Great job, organs!  I didn't puke!  I'm so effing proud of you!)

Technically, I left a note, although I had honestly hoped to tell my manager face-to-face.  ut she wasn't there, and I learned that she'd be gone till monday-  and I realized that by monday I'd be GONE.  So I had no choice but to leave her a lengthy note.  So I'll only have to work one more day, Saturday, before I'm off for the vacation time I requested, and then the rest of my two weeks will expire while I'm ON vacation.  It's kind of sad, and kind of cool at the same time:  for one, I basically, when you get down to the nitty-gritty, have only one more day of work left, from 5-9, before I'm out of there forever.  The second thing is, that means I have four hours to say goodbye to my friends I made there, and that's only going to be the people that happen to be working THAT NIGHT.  I'm about to leave without even saying goodbye to a lot of great people.  *sniff*

But I'm trying to not let myself think about it.  I'm going to focus instead on the NY trip coming up soon and on getting all those art projects done, etc, and about new and different places I can apply to.  I still want a job, just not in retail like Stein Mart.

Can you believe it Tiff?   Can you really, honest to God believe it??  ;_;  And you doubted me!  Ha!

Man, I'm exhausted.  Not only did I spend all my courage today doing that, but today was also the BPE final, in which I worked my butt off trying to keep my heartbeat in my target heartrate zone, on the track IN THE RAIN.  Needless to say, my legs are KILLING ME!  *glares at aching limbs / extremities that should be hacked off*

"Our Kingdom" is cuuuute.  Next chapter, now.  Anyone know any really good places to download yaoi scanlations from http?  I'm in need of them.  ^_^U

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Subject:Only one more day of school left.
Time:04:20 pm

Updated death_in_eden.  Yay!</span>

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Subject:Stolen from Chaco!
Time:05:21 pm

My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 桃子 Momoko (peach tree child).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Wai! How cute! I have the same name as Momo. ......Uh. :D

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Subject:Yes, *more* Harry Potter slash.
Time:09:04 pm
Current Mood:deviousrawr rpg eats my soul

Updated death_in_eden :</span>

Two parts of a Draco/Harry darkfic, and a Dean/Seamus one shot that reeks of angst.  Both sort of mirror the rain that is pouring over here, but I like the way they turned out.</span>

In other news:  Finn and Logan are back.  Who didn't see that coming?  It makes me so, so very happy inside.  :)</span>

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Time:02:37 pm



(  Pimpage )



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Subject:Hmm, art dump!
Time:04:51 pm
Current Mood:tiredBPE, hell on earth

I was quite bored yesterday, and spent a small amount of time just scribbling on the computer.  Sure, I could have gotten up and moved about, but my whole body is kind of aching right now.  It definitely doesn't feel good to run for an hour out of three every weekday.  Especially when you haven't done it since... 1998.

Anyway, on to the art dump.  2/3's of it was inspired by PoA movie.

Harry / Draco horribly colored fluffCollapse )

Ronald Weasley, scared of spiders in his bedCollapse )

Original character, Ruelle Bastien, a crow anthromorph from the RPGCollapse )

The more I look at my art, the more I want to gag.

In other news, I won't be updating this journal anymore with real-life or personal stuff.  It will be strictly for fanart, fanfiction, original art and fiction, poetry, among other things.  The crap nobody wants to hear is being moved to a greatestjournal.com account.


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[icon] one sea left to part, three oceans yet to swallow:
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